Pension Associate

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Pension Associate

The position will initially consist of assisting our staff of Pension Administrators with the responsibilities listed below while the candidate learns the work of pension administration and the software programs that support the work. The successful candidate will, over time, grow into a Pension Administrator, which will include studying and passing exams that qualify the individual for designations from the American Society of Pension Professionals and Actuaries (ASPPA) and managing a caseload of clients.


  • Completing annual valuations of the plan following a checklist
    • Reviewing the plan document for changes that will affect the work
    • Checking that eligibility is correctly applied and key employees are identified
    • Balancing plan assets, investment earnings and plan payouts
    • Preparing required annual government reporting forms
  • Preparing periodic deposits
    • Reconciling client’s deposit to their investment accounts with the client’s payroll records
    • Preparing the appropriate documentation and forwarding to the financial institution
  • Preparing loan paperwork and amortization schedules for participant loans
  • Keying employee census data into the pension software
    • Working from the data provided by the client
    • Entering hire dates, compensation totals, hours and termination dates
  • Resolving data inconsistencies
  • Conducting testing for compliance with IRS regulations
    • Identifying those who meet the criteria of highly compensated employees
    • Analyzing their participation in the plan in relation to non-highly compensated employees
    • Determining if the test passes or fails
    • Identifying the remedy if the test fails
  • Using the criteria that are specific to the plan, calculating the maximum and minimum amounts that can be contributed to the plan for the current year; communicating these amounts in writing to the client
  • Performing accounting functions
    • Using standard spreadsheets, entering the investment data for the client for the specified plan year. Make sure the beginning amount and the investments for the year balance with the client’s investment statements
    • Identifying issues when the accounts do not balance
  • Using industry-specific software, finalizing the annual administration by preparing the client reports and government forms
  • Creating the legal documents required for the plan using industry-specific software (amendments and other items that support the plan document)
  • Keeping materials organized and filed in the correct client file
  • Downloading and converting data; import/export computer data.
  • Using the pension system, preparing IRS Forms 1099-R for participants who left the plan and moved their funds out of the client’s plan
  • Preparing benefit distributions when a participant leaves the plan
    • Computing the amount of benefit that is due to the individual
    • Verifying their “vesting” (level of employer funds that are due to the individual)
    • Preparing the forms for the individual
  • Writing letters to clients, participants, brokers, or others, as needed
  • Other appropriate duties as may be assigned


  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred
  • Strong bookkeeping skills (balancing and reconciling)
  • Excellent command of the English language
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Skilled with 10-key data entry
  • Ability to work in a paperless environment
  • Ability to create and edit spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to create and edit documents in Microsoft Word
  • Willing and able to follow directions and established procedures
  • Ability to balance multiple tasks and deadlines
  • Organized
  • Works well with others
  • Works with a client service orientation
  • Excellent attendance record
  • Professional image

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