Text Box: Consulting - Retirement Plan Administration - Actuarial Services

 401(k) Retirement Plans

 Profit Sharing Plans

 403(b) Plans

 Defined Benefit Plans

 Cash Balance Plans

 Deferred Compensation Plans

 Advising on retirement plan philosophy, selection, design and installation

 Comparing projected benefits under the current retirement plan to those under a re-designed plan and/or possible accumulations under a defined contribution plan

 Comparing the type and level of benefits offered by competitors

 Providing the actuarial services required by ERISA for defined benefit pension plans

 Determining the maximum limits imposed on plan sponsors with both defined benefit and defined contribution plans

 Preparing comprehensive employee retirement plan statements

 Preparing all regulatory filings, including Form 5500 and 8955-SSA

 Assisting in the process of terminating existing retirement plans

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Retirement Plan Administration

Actuarial Services

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